Review [Pete Wilson :: Plan B]

Thanks again to my friends at Thomas Nelson and BookSneeze for providing me a complimentary copy of Pete Wilson‘s book Plan B.
And my apologies for not having the review up sooner.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book.
Though for some reason, I was really excited about the prospect of being one of the first 500 to read it.
(You can ask anyone I know…I would not shut up about getting this book!)

As a book, it was easy to read.
If you’ve ever heard Pete speak, you can clearly hear his voice in the storytelling.

As an idea, Plan B is a little more difficult.

As I read through, two words kept creeping into my mind.

1. Heartbreaking
2. Hopeful

As a follower of Jesus Christ, we tend to have certain expectations of how life is supposed to be.


We are supposed to be blessed in these things, right?
Pete gives two answers to that question: Yes, and of course, No.
And though these may seem mutually exclusive, they are incredibly inseperable.

Telling personal stories from his own life and those to whom he has been able to minister during his time as a pastor, and coupling those stories with examples from the Bible (most notably the story of Joseph and his brothers), Pete has put together a book that is all at once wholly heartbreaking and hopeful.
Making it clear that though things may not be the way you want them to be, God has a purpose in that.

Pete doesn’t lay out a plan to understand why God does the things He does.
Nor does he even make an attempt to explain why bad things happen.
He simply offers hope that God is present in those times as well.

I think it is worth noting that over the past week, I’ve been able to witness Pete’s belief in this hope via twitter.

As you probably know, Nashville has recently encountered a flood of epic proportions.
Houses and livelihoods destroyed.
Lives turned upside down.
Thousands of people not knowing what comes next.
If ever there was a city in the midst of Plan B, Nashville is it.

Maybe it is just a coincidence that this is where Pete Wilson is the pastor of Crosspoint Church.
Either way, Pete and the people of Crosspoint have been leading the way in relief efforts.
For whatever reason, God has allowed this tragedy to fall on Nashville.
Instead of being discouraged, Crosspoint has made a conscious decision to roll with it.
Because God is in even the most devastating of situations.

If you would like to assist our brothers and sisters in Nashville, go HERE and make a donation.

Peace and love.


3 thoughts on “Review [Pete Wilson :: Plan B]

  1. Love ya bro…thanks for the encouraging words and thoughts on my post. I am so glad that you and I have the privilege of sharing life together. Hoping we can spend some time together before or after Rhythm this year. Miss ya man.

  2. I love the way you write, man.
    Simple, yet profound.

    I’m glad you enjoyed Pete’s book as much as I did, and thanks for your shout-out for our flood relief efforts. You’re a class act, my friend.

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