I’ve always heard that first impressions are incredibly important.
In fact, there are scenarios where first impressions are all you get.

Job interviews, for example, are one instance of when you really want to put your best foot forward.
You know, by avoiding such behavior as walking past the interviewers to get a cup of coffee or making sarcastic comments such as, “How’d that work out for you?”

But, I think we all know that the reason for this post is not about job interviews.
As many of you know, I gave in to the suggestions of a coworker and went to a speed dating event last Friday night sponsored by WAY-FM, Asbury UMC, and Shea’s Express.

You know the drill, right?
We’ve all seen it on tv and in movies.
You get a limited amount of time to try to figure out if you’re compatible with a total stranger.
In our case, it was three minutes.
I’ll talk more about this later…

I went into this event with no expectations.
Well, thats not entirely true.
I had decided that it would be one of two things:
1. A tremendous amount of fun, or
2. An epic distaster

And full of unattractive people.
Thats right, I said it.
Who else at this stage in the game isn’t married yet…wait…

Luckily for me, it was definitely option 1.
Though, for a few minutes at the beginning, it was leaning toward disaster as I looked down the tables at the ladies I would be meeting and noticed that they were all at least 7 years my senior.
Naturally I inquired of the organizers how  they went about dividing the age groups…because by the chance I was in a 26-35 group, it was going to be a rough night.
Once I asked, they realized there had been a mistake and that I belonged in the other group – the younger group – and so I was moved.

If I’m not mistaken, there were 13 girls to get to know.
And there are a lot of gaps in information to be left in such a rush.
For example, I don’t think I mentioned once that I was a student pastor.
But to be fair, none of them mentioned their kids, either.

I met two sets of twins.
I met Alabama graduates that were Auburn fans and Auburn graduates that were Alabama fans.
I met vegetarians, architects, school teachers, loan officers, hairdressers, and other occupations that I can’t remember.
Needless to say, quite the versatile crowd.

Like I said before, we got three minutes with each girl.
And based on those impressions, we had to choose at the end of the night any that we thought we’d be interested in getting to know.
This is where it gets difficult.
Not the choosing part, but the curiosity of whether anyone would choose me.

Well, some did.
I won’t say how many, but I will say that I can count them on one hand.
(Some of you will get that reference…many of you will not.)

As far as there being romantic connections and the possibility of meeting the future Mrs. Kyle Gilbert, that didn’t happen.
That wasn’t the point of the night.

I got out.
Had a good time.
Made some friends with guy and girls in town.
Thats what this was about for me.

If I had met my soulmate, that would have been awesome.
Who knows, maybe I have met her already.
Or maybe I should quit my job and start teaching.
That apparently worked for Ted Mosby, or at least thats what the teaser at the end of Season 4 leads us to believe…

I suppose time will tell.

Peace and love.


One thought on “Impressions.

  1. You are just too special, and I am so glad I have had the chance to get to know you. I have gained a special friend, co-worker, and little brother! (laugh, laugh) 🙂 Love ya! Melody

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