A few weeks ago, I took on a part-time job at Asbury United Methodist Church in Madison, Alabama as the Sound Technician for the traditional worship services.
Of course, I’m still learning my way around, trying to figure out exactly what my job is.
So, for me to post in great detail about that really isn’t in the realm of possibility just yet.

Instead, this has more to do with another ministry of Asbury UMC which I have quickly grown very fond of.

One of the most difficult things about my former church position was the lack of ability to worship and spend time with people my own age.
I did go to the Well in Florence for a while, but, due to the distance from my home (over 100 miles), it was a near impossibility to really develop meaningful relationships out of that.
Not to mention the driving time, late nights, and sleeping on couches in conjunction with having to be at work the next morning.
It was good, and I loved every time I got to be there, but it wasn’t the best of situations.

I was quickly informed about a ministry of Asbury called the Storehouse.
I was told this is a time not only of worship, but community for college students and young adults.
The 20-something demographic.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided I would check it out.
And I absolutely LOVED the way they have this set up.

People generally start showing up around 6:00 to share a free meal together.
Sitting around tables having dinner with folks is a great way to meet people and make new friends.
I should know.

After everyone has had their fill, and Ted makes a few announcements about upcoming events (which now include a November trip to Gatlinburg and Super-hero Flag Football), everyone makes their way into the sanctuary for worship.
This is probably one of my favorite worship settings that I’ve been in.
Since I’ve been there, the sanctuary is larger than what the crowd needs, so you can pretty much go wherever and be able to worship without worrying about bothering someone beside you.

Admittedly, I think it would be cool if someone rewrote the lyrics of Phish’s Farmhouse to “Welcome, this is the Storehouse…” and use it as a call to worship.
Ted, if you read this, toss the idea around to some of the more creative folks.
It could work.

But here is the thing that really sticks out to me about the Storehouse that is different from the Well, Discovery (from BCM days), or anything else I’ve been to.
The speaker doesn’t finish the sermon.
Instead, small groups break out and discuss the implications and applications of the message.
To me, this leads to a greater strength in community, as we get to hear from our peers.
Hear their thoughts on the topic, and get to share our own.

I’m looking forward to getting more involved with the Storehouse as time goes by.

I really enjoy the traditional services at Asbury.
There is a solid group of pastors that I enjoy hearing that challenge me in profound ways.
But there is something about being with people in similar places in life that can’t be described.

The first night I was there, one song spoke to me above the rest.

I’ve finally found where I belong
I’ve finally found where I belong, in Your presence
I’ve finally found where I belong, its to be with You, to be with You

In this, I have found my community.
I have found where I belong.

Have you found yours?

Peace and love.


3 thoughts on “Storehouse.

  1. That’s awesome! What night of the week do they meet on? Is it more college-based, more 20somethings, or a mixture of both? I’ve been wanting to go to a small group/worship service here, and I can’t make it to any of the southwood stuff, since they meet on sunday mornings & evenings.

      1. Thanks. Sorry, I don’t want to seem like a tagalong! I feel like I’m socially relying on you, haha. It really sucks though to not have friends in the town you live in, you know? Anyway, my praise band did get asked this past sunday if we wanted to lead worship there one week, so I might go after all.

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