Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”  – John 13:7

This was part of the scripture for our devotion the last night of World Changers in Florence.
Such a simple statement often overlooked in the grander scheme of the passage.
This is where Jesus is on his hands and knees washing the feet of the disciples.
But, I believe, a statement such as this, far exceeds the confines of that upper room.

God does have a plan.
We don’t always see it.
If we do see it, we don’t always recognize it.
If we do recognize it, we certainly don’t always accept it.

Thats one thing I have always enjoyed about doing WC missions.
Somewhere along the way, God reveals something to me.
Or, just as well, uses me to speak into the life of someone else.

Reaffirmed for me this week, after having my first round of Crew Chief experience, was that I do belong in student ministry.
What was not revealed to me was when or where this is to happen.
Certainly not anytime in the very near future.
Or, maybe it will be sooner than I can anticipate.
So, I suppose I’ll continue to wait on His guidance and timing.
And spend the break kind of rediscovering myself in Him.
Preparing for the battle that I now know student ministry to be.

In short, we go to change the world, but it is our own world that is forever changed.
At the time, we certainly don’t realize it.
But later, we will understand.

Peace and love.


One thought on “Florence.

  1. I so needed to read this today. I realize I’m a little late in reading…but I think it must be God’s timing….

    Love you so much!!! Hang in there! You’re awesome!

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