I’m a newcomer in town.
I don’t know that many people around here.
The ones I do know are married, in relationships, on the other side of town, etc…

Until last night.

I ended up going to the Huntsville Art Council’s Concerts in the Park with my dentist.
Which, admittedly, is a fairly random connection in most circumstances.
However, I grew up in church with much of her family…so its not that bizarre.

The music was…well…lets just say I’m glad there wasn’t a charge for admission.
But fine, whatever.
I was there for pretty much one reason: to meet new people.

And I did.
Kind of.
I was introduced to a handful of folks from the Singles group of a local church.

And I use the word “introduced” loosely.
It was a mere exchange of names and an offering of birthday cupcake.
Beyond that, almost zero interaction.


But then there came a sweeping, cover-your-bases kind of invitation to Bonefish to celebrate one of the girls birthday.

I wasn’t going to go.
I’d just barely met these people.
They’d probably already forgotten my name.
I know I’d forgotten theirs.

But I went anyway.
Walked up the the hostess stand and said:
“Hi. I’m looking for a group of complete strangers to have dinner with.”
And I’m almost certain she thought I was joking.

So I sat down with the group.
Maybe 12-15 people?
No one has a clue who I am.
Nor should they.
Until the guy to my left asks me who I know…

“The girl wearing the crown gave me a cupcake two hours ago…thats all I’ve got.”

For a minute, I think he thought I was joking also.
Until he starts to notice that no one else really seemed to know me either.

But as it turns out, they were a friendly gang of ne’er-do-wells.
Stimulating conversation and good fellowship was enjoyed by all!
And I have mutual friends with a couple of them.
Well, one mutual friend and a mutual vague acquaintance.
Either way, I laughed about them both until I nearly cried.

Tonight, I’m going to Humphreys with the same group.
Its amazing what a little boldness with the right group will do for you.

I think I’m going to like it here…

Peace and love.


3 thoughts on “Bonefish.

  1. You don’t know me yet. I found your site thru FlowerDust or whatever the name is… but what you just shared is a beautiful beautiful story. Sitting down with a bunch of strangers and leaving friends, it’s the sort of life I want to lead.

  2. LOL!!! That’s hilarious! And I think it makes our dinner the other night even more funny knowing what kind of boldness you are capable of. Looking forward to your next visit!

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