Keep your heart above your head and your eyes wide open
So this world can’t find a way to leave you cold
You know, you’re not the only ship out on the ocean
Save your strength for the things you can change
Forgive the ones you can’t, and let it go

Zac Brown Band, “Let It Go”

I’m certain, and any one who has had a legitimate conversation with me knows, that God can speak just as clearly through “secular” (and I hate that word) music as He can through the tried and true worship hymns.
That at any particular moment, in any particular media, God doesn’t only speak to us, but virtually screams His truth.


The above lyrics are such a huge example of that in my life.
After a few weeks of lying dormant on a dresser, I decided to re-introduce the iPod to the long ride to work.
As is my custom with the iPod, I set it on shuffle mode and went about the drive.
And all of a sudden, still trying to fully wake from a night of worry and tossing and turning, there it was.
From a very talented band best known for a song regarding fried chicken and cold beer, there was a very clear revelation.

Some things you can change…Focus on those.
Some things you have zero control over…Let it go.
The past is where you leave it…You can’t keep re-living it.
You get one shot…Try not to blow it.

You can only do and say so much.
How it is received and processed and put into practice isn’t your job.
That is so easy to say, harder to understand, and nearly impossible to accept.
But I think anyone in ministry, especially if they’ve seen any controversy at all, would agree that it is true.

But then there comes a time when your words fall silent on deaf ears.
And your right to speak against any mistakes and injustices falls by the wayside.
Am I wrong in coming to this conclusion?

God, help me…Because I’m still new to all this.
God, help me…Because I’m still a bit of a starry eyed dreamer.
God, help me…Because I’m still terrified that cynicism and pride will creep in on me like it has others.

But maybe, just maybe, its that fear that will keep it from happening.

Peace and love.


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