Thursday night immediately following the posting of my previous blog, I had a brief conversation with someone regarding getting involved with a church plant.
So, that gives me much more to think about.
Doors are opening all over the place.
But I’m still not sure that I need to dive right back in without letting the wounds heal.

I was beat up pretty badly at my old church.
Not to lay fault on their shoulders totally.
They just weren’t used to what I was saying and wanted to do.
Different visions of what is best for the church.
Different attitudes on different subjects and circumstances.

Maybe its becoming increasingly clear to me that I might not belong in a “traditional” church.
Not that there is anything wrong with traditional churches.
I mean, as long as Jesus is truly the center, to each their own.

But when “traditional” means glad-handing the regulars and patting ourselves on the back for being good little Christian boys and girls, I have a serious problem with that.

I saw a skit by Geraldine High’s CIA group at the community egg hunt today that really brought that out to me again.

Basically they took the song “This is the Air I Breathe” and turned it into, instead of our desperation for Jesus, His longing for us to do his work.
On one side, you see the “churchy” crowd.
Singing praises, shaking hands, loving on one another.
And on his other side, you see the underbellies of society.
Those who haven’t found true Hope, so they look for it in bottles, abuse, and the heat of a garbage fire.
All the while, you see Jesus between the two trying to urge the church set toward the desperate and needy.
But when they finally leave, they walk by and ignore these lonely hearts.

How often do we do that?
My guess is more than we’d care to openly admit.

Personally, I suck at that.
If the truth were told, you probably do to.
We should work on that.

Peace and love.


4 thoughts on “Traditional?

  1. Naw, dude, you ain’t traditional. I knew that during the SS retreat. I know how a church can beat you up. I’ve been there. Somehow we need to get together and talk. I don’t know how or why but for some reason I can’t help but feel God brought us together at the retreat for a reason.

  2. I can certainly relate with the need to allow church-inflicted wounds to heal. I’ve been there. It sounds like you have some great perspective about life and ministry, so I doubt you need my two cents. However, if God prompts, I’d definitely encourage you to consider getting involved in a church plant! You would be an invaluable addition to any team and I think you would be an encouraged to mission alongside people who are also seeking to take Jesus’ words seriously by loving the unlovable with both word AND deed. (Of course, when it comes to church planting, I am pretty biased:) Press on, brother!

  3. Man, I’ve felt the very same conviction about the traditional church setting too. I was tired of being the person who was always stirring things up – pushing for things to be different.

    Now, I’m in a very non-traditional setting, and I don’t have to do that any more. Rather than being a pest, I can compliment the ministry and help it move forward.

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