The past week of my life has been an incredible testament to God’s greatness.

He continues to reaffirm my decisions and bless me beyond measure.

Lets recap.

I spent a couple hours at Jamokas trying to figure out what to say my last Sunday at Macedonia.
I had a general idea that I wanted to use a particular passage out of Joshua, but had no clue how to use it.
It was then that God showed me an awesome gut-check kind of passage from the gospel of Mark.
And He began to show me a kind of framework and organization to the message that there is no chance I could have put together.

I found out that Brian was leaving, and that I would be his replacement as team lead at the help desk.
I got to spend some time on the road to think, pray, and consult with some friends.
God continued to speak through people in my life, and fill my schedule so that I would not grow stagnant.
So, now, the last Wednesday of April, I’ll be speaking a worship service at Corinth.
And I couldn’t be more excited about that.

Spending some time in Trenton with folks from the home church (New Canaan) really pulled me back to reality.
They do this retreat every year and invite me to come along.
Its always a good time with a lot of fun and fellowship.
But this one was different.
Maybe it was the speaker.
Maybe it was the messages.
Maybe it was the condition of my heart and situation in my life.
I don’t have it figured out yet.
And I may never.
But it was good encouragement before my last Sunday.

The last message.
The last impression.
There will be people there that I continue to grow with.
But I’m pretty sure there may be some that I may never see or speak with again.
I’m okay with either, I think.
Shaking the proverbial dust off my feet.
It was an emotional day for me.
I cried. A lot.
But as soon as the message started, my emotions were gone, and God took over.
I hope and pray people listened and apply.
From youth up to the adult leadership.
Be a risk taker.
God honors that.

Sunday night:
It was really great timing.
To be so far away from home the night after something so emotional.
And to be with the people I was with.
It was desperately needed, and divinely scheduled.
I got to spend some time with two of the Rhythm guys.
More on that later.

Started the week off with a bang, as I get to have breakfast with some good friends, and new friends.
Tremendous encouragement and brotherhood around that table.
Easily the first time I’ve felt that kind of unified passion since October.
And buying my breakfast was the most unlikely of people.
Seriously, how awesome is that!

So, that whole team lead thing go shot down.
Because I’m getting bumped up to another job entirely!
For now, part time help desk, part time graphics support.
I’m stoked about that.
This is pretty much the job I’ve been wanting for a while.
Now God has opened that door.
And without hesitation.
I find out about it, and get a new cubicle an hour later.

I’m not so sure I can keep up with the pace.
Someone made an offer on the house today.
Out of nowhere.
Granted, I had to counter, but hopefully he will accept.
To close on or before May 1.
Which means if this goes through, that I’d be free to move to Huntsville, or Athens, or Florence…or hey, maybe Nashville!
(okay, probably NOT Nashville)

This is surely God showing me the sermon He gave me for Sunday in action.

We step out in faith, and He parts the waters before our very eyes!
Praise Him who is Worthy!

Peace and love.


4 thoughts on “Whirlwind.

  1. Yes… NASHVILLE! I definitely think it’s the Lord’s will… or maybe just mine.
    Thanks for sharing your week… and being so transparent… You’re pretty stinking cool, Gilbert…

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