Its amazing to see and hear what I’m seeing and hearing right as I type this.

God places people in our lives to minister to.
And so many times, we disregard (or altogether blatantly ignore) that call.

Not these women.

Every Thursday night, there is a group of four women that come here to meet with each other and talk about God and His word and His work.

And they just invited a woman over to sit and talk with them.
Not someone they knew previously, as I can assume from their introductions.
But a stranger whose demeanor screams for a place to belong.

To give her a place to tell her story.
To express her doubts and fears.
To let her belong somewhere where she will not be judged.
To tell her that God will not give up on her.
To reassure her that though people may let us down, God never will.
To minister to her by sharing their own stories and struggles.

Praise God for that!
Faithfulness, boldness, and compassion that is sadly in short supply in many corporate church settings.

No one, especially Jesus, ever equated the Church with a building or scheduled experiences.

He equated the Church with an ever-ready passion to do His work and share His light with a broken and hurting world.

True church and worship exists in greater supply outside the walls and comfort of our sanctuary and padded pews.
It exists in the midst of our day-to-day lives.
It exists in the obedience to pay attention to these appointments that God gives us.
It exists in the faithfulness to invade the lives of strangers at His instruction.

After sharing last night about suffering and glory…
(Yes, I borrowed the message from Smalley…)
I’m seeing an amazingly profound connection between the two as I sit in prayer listening to these shared moments.

God’s glory is revealed in times of suffering.
And there are no words sufficient to describe the power that He controls.

Peace and love.


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