Occasionally, I’ll run across a blog so intriguing that I have to share it.
This is one such blog.
Apparently this has been around for a few years, but has only recently come to my attention.

It comes from John Smulo, originally posted back in February 2007.
Definitely worth the read.

Basically this is a guideline teaching us how to be more like Jesus.

A heads up though…
This may change how you view Jesus. 


1. Get baptized by the craziest guy in town.

2. Say and do things that are guaranteed to make religious people want to kill you. Repeat again, and again, and again, and again, and again and don’t stop unless forced.

3. Do amazing things for people and ask them to not tell anyone.

4. Hang out with the most despised, marginalized, looked down upon, and shunned people you can find.

5. When possible, forgive and restore people, even if they betrayed you.

6. Live in a way that provokes gossip.

7. Win the most grace competition.

8. Keep the party going. 

9. Serve people (note: nose plugs may be required).

10. If you’re sad cry.

11. Empower people to do the extraordinary.

12. Act like a rock star in a hotel temple.

13. Radically simplify theology.

14.Break human-made religious laws. Repeat consistently.

15.Prioritize the most important over the important.

16. Let women with questionable backgrounds pay your bills.


Peace and love.


2 thoughts on “Christlike.

  1. I just read a blog by someone else I know that was all about “loving the unlovable”…opening our lives to those the church tends to look down on and despise or ignore…showing people love and acceptance no matter what, because that’s what Jesus did.

    Definitely makes me think and judge myself…how have I been treating others? Am I really doing what Jesus asked me to do?

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