Jonah, part II.

There were two mass revivals in the book of Jonah.
Only one of these really gets preached on that much.
That is, of course, the repentance of Ninevah.

But the one that brings me the most hope and peace right now is the salvation of those on the ship.
They weren’t godly men when the storms came.
And Jonah certainly wasn’t preaching to the sailors; he was below deck asleep!
It was only after they realized what Jonah had done against the Lord that they turned.
After they see his reluctant act of obedience, followed by the Lord’s faithfulness to calm their storm.

The Bible says they made vows to the Lord.
This is only moments after they were each praying to their own gods.

I find peace in knowing that even while Jonah was in the midst of disobedience, God was using him.

It was the peace I found in this passage that ultimately led to my announcing my resignation from Macedonia yesterday.
This was no “spur of the moment” decision, but rather something I’ve fought and prayed over for about a year since I first heard God tell me to leave.

I stayed too long because I thought I was needed.
I stayed too long because I love the kids.
I stayed too long because I was afraid no one would step up.
I stayed too long because I was consumed with what I recognize now as pride.

Reassurance came for me Friday night after I’d told the youth council Wednesday.
After I’d made it known Wednesday night that I would be leaving, essentially removing myself from the picture and turning the ministry wholly over to God, we took several kids to the Hope 4 You Crusade.
Big Daddy Weave was there.
Josh Wilson perfomed.
Rick Burgess brought the Word.

And the God showed up.
Of the 10-12 kids we had there, 3 of them accepted the saving grace of the King Jesus!

Jonah leaves the ship, and the sailors turn their faces to the Lord.
I leave Macedonia, and kids accept the free gift of salvation.

He is strong to deliver.
He is mighty to save!

Peace and love.


3 thoughts on “Jonah, part II.

  1. i love you. and i’m proud of you. and i hope that by your comment about jonah being used even in disobedience, that you realize that you were making a difference there even though you couldn’t see it at the time.

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