I was going to post about going to Franklin, Tennessee to have coffee and dinner with a friend of mine who writes for LifeWay.
And how I [kind of] met and ended up [not really] having a cup of coffee with the [marginally] famous Marty Stuart.
Then after several paragraphs realized that no one is impressed.

After all, my brother told me Sunday that he’d never met Marty Stuart, and that I haven’t either; but he did once meet a guy who met Andy Griffith.

And all my coworkers either:
1. had no idea who Marty Stuart is.
2. are convinced I didn’t really have coffee with him since we were not at the same table.
3. possessed some combination of the previous two statements.


At least I didn’t make an absolute fool of myself, run over and beg for an autograph.
I waited until he and his wife left before getting all giddy about it.

It wouldn’t do for me to live in a place like that.
Music icons just show up everywhere.
I saw TobyMac’s house, Michael W. Smith’s neighborhood, Josh Turner’s church, and Little Jimmy Dickens’ guitar-shaped mailbox.
And of course, Marty Stuart’s favorite gourmet cupcake and coffee shop.

Even after spending so much time in the music industry, I’d be too starstruck.
Okay, it was just 3 years in small-market radio stations.
But still, that surprises me about myself.

I grew up in small town Geraldine, Alabama.
One [marginally] famous guy from our town.
(Damon Johnson, for those with inquiring minds)
We often shopped at Wal-Mart in Fort Payne, and it was no big deal to see one of the guys from country-supergroup-entertainters-of-the-year-award-winning-Alabama just shopping like regular folks.

And thats what happened in Franklin with Marty Stuart.

But why is that such a big deal?
Why do we make a thing of seeing celebrities out and about?
They’re people too.
They like coffee too.
They go to Wal-Mart too.
They put their pants on one leg at a time, too.

Only in the entertainment and sports industries are those that succeed in their jobs so highly praised.
Interesting, isn’t it?
Or maybe it isn’t.
I’m just saying…
For all the Lebrons and Kid Rocks you see on the cover of Rolling Stone, theres a really freaking awesome accountant somewhere in the middle pages of Forbes.
He might have made the cover, but it was already reserved for Nick Saban, a sports figure. (Roll Tide!)

We idolize them.
We worship them.
We are in awe and excited to be in their presence.

When was the last time we were so excited to be in the presence of God?
When was the last time that it wasn’t really a surprise to see God just out and about, or moving in our churches?
When was the last time we really sat and had coffee with Him?
When was the last time we told our friends about having a close encouter with Him?

Just a thought…

Peace and love.


2 thoughts on “Marty.

  1. You have some really thought-provoking blogs. I especially like these analagies.

    Hope everything goes well for you in your ministry and wherever it takes you. I’ll be praying for you.


  2. I got to play with Marty one time, and wrote him up on my blog today. The guy is a great player and was a genuine nice man to all of us. I think he views himself as just as human as the rest of us. (But he sure nuff is a fine picker)

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