Conclave, part III.

So I’m looking back over some of my notes from Conclave.
Specifically from Francis Chan’s first message and Brock Gill’s Breakout session.

The idea of “church” was really questioned this weekend.
Chan, for example, ponders if you were alone on an island reading the Bible with no preconceptions, would you come up with what the American church looks like?

Would you come up with basically this format:

  1. Song
  2. Welcome
    • Announcements
    • Prayer Requests
  3. Song
  4. Song
  5. Childrens Message
  6. Song
  7. Offering
  8. Song
  9. Testimonies
  10. Sermon
    • Read
    • Pray
    • Three Points in Alliteration
    • Pray
  11. Song
    • Verse 1
    • Invitation to accept Christ
    • Verse 2
    • Invitation to come pray
    • Verse 3
    • Open the doors of the church
    • Verse 4
  12. Pray

Where did we get that?
I certainly don’t recall much of that in the New Testament Church.

Then with these thoughts, among others, about how we do church going through my head, I went to Brock Gill’s Breakout session.
Simply titled, “If it’s not broke…Break it.”

The basic premise is that we shouldn’t be so content in how things are.
Sometimes even if what we’re doing is good and actually working.
Oftentimes, “good” is the enemy of “great.”

Sometimes change has to happen to spark something grander.
Eggs are good.
Omelettes are great.

Going along with Chan’s questioning how we got to this concept of “church” that we’re all used to, Gill asked some probing questions.
And not totally surprisingly, people walked out of the session.
Maybe they didn’t like some of the radical ideas.
Maybe they just expected him to do more entertaining and less challenging.

The key question he asked that really sticks out in my mind…for many reasons…was this:
What if we stopped having church in church buildings?

Holy smokes!

Personally, I’m all for that.
I think it would really replace skepticism with curiosity for those on the outside looking in.
What if church was truly about nothing but glorifying God and his son crucified.
What if church was less about religion and more about intentional relationships?
What if church was more about souls saved than suits and ties.

Seriously, why is there this idea that there is a need to dress so proper for church.
Doesn’t God know your innermost hearts and souls?
Doesn’t he see through the presentations?
But thats a whole other rabbit trail.

Change is coming.
One way or another.

If its not broke……


Peace and love.


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