Conclave, part II.

If the first session was in-your-face, the last was reaffirming.

Ergun Caner speaking was without question the highlight of the weekend for me.
If nothing else, it showed me that I AM NOT ALONE in this.
There were hundreds of youth pastors throughout the service laughing, yelling, and yes, even in some instances crying.
What we do matters.
Even though we get beat up emotionally and spiritually often.
And even though these beatings often can come at the hands and words of higher authority in the church.
I found it to be very interesting, and even extremely humbling, that Caner compared youth ministers to Green Berets.

I’ve listened to this scripture preached before.
It was a key passage at RHYTHMinTWENTY.
From Mark 2, where these four guys basically tear a roof off a house to put their crippled friend at the feet of Jesus for healing.
Their seeing a need in a friends life.
Their realizing that he could not find help on his own.
Their faith.
Their love of this invalid.
Their refusal to say no.
Their absolute capacity to NOT be held back regardless of the improbability they would be able to get their friend in front of the Christ.

So many times I find myself in the position of this lame friend.
And no, I don’t mean the socially awkward kind of lame.
I mean the can’t move without some very much needed help from friends.
But there are times when I know these friends of mine (which I’m excited to say has grown this weekend) are constantly laying me at the feet of Jesus in prayer.
And it is often more because of their faith than my own that I continue on in His service.

I’ve listened to Caner’s version of the message from this morning at least 3 times through, not counting the live version.
Trying to see if there is anything else I can possibly glean from this.
In fact, I’m almost certain that I’m making a copy to give to the leadership of my church.

The quotes that really stuck out to me from this message were:
“Evangelism without discipleship is spiritual child abuse.”
“If you’re not being criticized, you’re not doing your job!”

Peace and love.


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