Conclave, part I.

Session I was pretty well in-your-face kind of action.

Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love, was the speaker.
And I was in no way prepared for the painful Biblical goodness that was about to be spilled forth from the stage.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get copies of his message and give it to everyone at church.
Maybe everyone I know.
Blown away.

Here are the basics:
As the church, we talk A LOT about peace that God gives us.
But realistically, how many of us really experience that kind of peace that we’re trying to sell.
I know that a lot of times I certainly don’t.
I feel anything but peace most times.
And if peace were more a reality in my life, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to sleep better at night, and my stomach wouldn’t wrench at the thought of church.

Another statement Chan made was in regards to church.
Specifically that his church would be bigger than a church pastored by either Paul or Christ himself.

Bold, right?

But then he goes on to explain that they didn’t really know how to keep a crowd.
You never hear Jesus tell the crowd that its good to have them, invite them back next week, or challenge them to bring a friend.
No, he just offended the mess out of people with pure, unadulterated truth.
We, on the other hand, have a tendency to water down the gospel and subconsciously train ourselves to keep the crowds coming.
We certainly feel more holy if our churches have more people, don’t we?
But not Jesus.
He would begin to teach, and people would start leaving.
It was actually almost as if Jesus taught some vague message through a parable to get people to leave. [see Luke 8]
And then there would be a moment almost as if Jesus says, “Okay, now that THEY’RE gone, lets really look at this…” and continue on his message.

There really is much, MUCH more to what was said.
But after the worship tonight and a message that I’ve got to chew on for a while, thats pretty much all I can coherently give up right now.

Maybe more later.
Probably even from this conference.
I’m pretty stoked to see what God has for me here.

I want to know You.
I want to hear Your voice.
I want to know You more.
I want to touch You.
I want to see Your face.
I want to know you more.

Peace and love.


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