Last night we recapped the past year with the youth.
What did we get out of the year?
What did we learn?
How did our experiences on this crazy journey really matter?
Have they mattered?
And how do we translate that into a sustained passion for 2009?

We talked about the essential uselessness of resolutions.
Resolutions are generally shallow, and not kept beyond two or three weeks into the year.

We talked instead about sparking a revolution.
Revolutions come by the oppressed when a situation becomes more than they can stand for.
When the masses are fed up with settling for status quo.
Tired of being held back and held down.
That is my prayer for this ministry.

To be a revolution that shakes the foundation of the church.
To be a generation that decides to stop playing church and start being church.

Resolution = Temporary Change
Revolution = Passionate Change

Its time that we stand up for what we say we believe.
Its time that we storm our own Bastille.


Speaking of resolutions…
I was looking back over some blogs of mine from last year.
And I ran across some of my goals for 2008.

Lets recap, shall we?

1. Be more honest, no matter how brutal.
2. Hide nothing, even the bad parts.
3. Never stop questioning what is truth, especially when others try shoveling their version of it down your throat.
4. Be bold in the truth, no matter the costs.
5. Stop getting your hopes up, realize that you are the one that has to make the effort, even if it doesn’t seem fair.
6. Be more appreciative of the few that do make an effort, especially when unexpected.

So how did I do?
I guess that’d be up to you to decide.

Peace and love.


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