So I’m not really sure how to begin this.

I’ve been blogging for quite some time over at blog.myspace.com/klgilbert.  Admittedly, the regularity of my postings has dwindled in the past several months.  And for a number of reasons.

Apparently I get a little wordy. At first, the posts were relatively short. Then before I knew what happened, I had a handful of novellas on my hands.  I’m pretty sure people quit reading.

So I’m starting over.

I guess this is kind of a symbolic statement of something more grand.

Last week I spent four days in the mountains of Colorado with a group of total strangers that grew into brothers instantly.  Sharing our lives.  Inviting each other to join our stories.  It was an incredible time, and a much needed break from life in general.

Actually, you know what…

I’m finding it extremely difficult to even find the words to write.  Where this blog will go from here, who knows.

Feel free to come along for the ride.  Hopefully words will come easier as time passes.

Much love.


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