This is really the first chance I’ve had to blog in a while.
And really the first time I’ve been able to just sit and think about the past week.

For those of you just tuning in, I took a group from my church to St Louis.
World Changers.
A total of 18.
15 first timers.

And wow.

So much has happened since this time last week.
I’ve seen some folks that really get it, and want better.
And expect greater things than status quo.

Some, on the other hand, I feel like have completely missed the point.

But, of course, I’m no mind reader, and I can’t tell the contents of another’s heart.

I know I was convicted in a powerful way.
Speaking plainly, I’m not satisfied with how things are as a whole at my church.
I feel neither challenged nor convicted.
Much of that, I’m sure is all on me.
But exactly how much, I wonder?
How much am I to be expected to feed myself?
And with no solid mentor I can look to for guidance.

Believe me, its hard.
And it will wear you down in a minute.

Burn out.

And whats more, since February or so, I’d felt like it was my job to lead the youth AND show the church a better way.
That kind of life, and heaping on of responsibilities will suck the life out of a minister in a hurry.

Through various conversations last week, it was made quite clear to me that I was wrong.
guiding the church, shining a light to them, is NOT my job.

I’m in His service at Macedonia right now for one reason: the kids.

And He has blessed me with a great group of youth.

The future life of that church, I have no doubt, lies squarely on their shoulders.
Because, praise God, they get it.
They understand the importance of their roles.

They are going to be the ones looked at as an example of faith.

And because of them, our services are about to change in a major way.
More details on that later.

I’m so excited to see what He is doing here.
In these kids hearts and lives.
Convicting them in mighty ways.
Gently guiding them in the directions of service they are to go.

I’ve been praying for a worship leader.
Never knowing that all the time, He may have been preparing one in our very midst.

Yes, things are going to change.
This group is making a huge leap of faith.
Into His light, for His glory.

We’re going to do what we’re called to do.
We will not be silent, no, we will not be quiet anymore!

What then shall we say to these things? If God be for us, who then can stand against us? – Romans 8:31

Stay tuned.
Peace and love.


3 thoughts on “Leap.

  1. very good.

    working in the youth group in our church, i see a handful of youth that REALLY care about God and His will; quite a few who seem to love Him, but it seems to me that He’s not that real to them; and way too many that don’t seem to care at all.

    and it’s just like you said…i don’t know what is really in their hearts. but it breaks mine to see youth come every wednesday because they “have to” or whatever. i want to see God break out in that youth group in a mighty way, but i’ve come to realize it’s not “my job”. yes, i have a part to play…i need to lead by example, etc. but if there are a bunch of them that don’t want God, there’s not much i can do. i can’t force anyone to do anything. i’m just praying that they will realize, sooner than later, that God is the only thing that satisfies. that this world does NOT have anything to offer.

  2. yay!! 🙂 yay for answered prayers and those that will be answered!! still praying for ‘ya bro!! 🙂

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