Its been over two months since my last post.
And suffice it to say, life has changed.

Both in good and bad ways.
But so it goes.

There are still struggles for me.
In areas that I don’t believe there should be.
At least not to the extent that there are.

But I am blessed enough to say that I know I have support.
From both people here and people out of town.
Though mostly out of town.
But that’s just a numbers game when you get right down to it.

So I don’t really have any updates on the spiritual front.
Other than my continued struggles as described above.
Throw in a bit of uncertainty that very few know the details on.
And figuring in that God has yet to show me a clear path.
Yes, I’m still more than a little confused.

So here are the two questions that I’m curious about.
1. to whom should we show grace?
2. to what extent?

Now many of you know me.
And you know when I teach/preach, I’m grace heavy.
Because our salvation hangs on the grace of God and the love of our savior.

It is not our place to have a spirit of judgment or condemnation.
Of course there are those moments of “righteous anger” that hearken back to Jesus in the temple with the moneychangers.
The problem though, is that many of our “righteous anger” moments are over things of incredible insignificance.

Little to do with the injustice in our world.
Little to do with the souls of our communities.
Little to do with the work of our Master.

But more to do with things/people/issues that disrupt our aesthetically pleasing lives.

Bump that.
Life isn’t aesthetic.
Its ugly.
Its not straight and clear cut.
There are jagged edges all along the way.

Praise God for those that come and shake things up.
Sometimes that’s what we need.
A realization that its not about us.
Or what we want.
Or what looks good.
Or teaching others a lesson.

But about His pure and simple unequivocal grace.

And not only the grace extended to us.
But the grace extended to those that we refuse to extend it to.

God knows the hearts of man.
He knows not only what we do, but also our motives for doing.

We, however, do not have such knowledge.

God can be more discerning with those to whom he extends grace.
Because, again, He knows the hearts and motives of man.
I find it interesting though, that He is not.
His grace is extended to all.
Anyone who will come and listen and hear and respond.
This is who receives this unmatched grace.

So this answers question 1.
To whom should we show grace?
If an omniscient deity does not withhold from those whose hearts he knows, how can we turn away those whose hearts we don’t?

So now let us venture toward the rest of the query.
To what extent should we show grace?

I think it would be a fair assumption to say that as The Church, we are to be molding our lifestyles after that of Christ.
Building our character upon His word, life, and teachings.

So now to what extent did Christ display grace?
Did He hold anything back from his disciples?
Of course not.
Did He hold anything back from the sinners and publicans.
Surprisingly, no.

He offered the fullest extent of His grace to all.
Granted, not everyone accepted.
And this still applies today.
But their not accepting should never be confused with His not offering.

So to what extent should we show grace to others?
Without limitations or conditions.

This is the way of our Lord.
How can we have become so blind to that?

Peace and love.


One thought on “Grace.

  1. AMEN!

    We are all sinners saved by grace. All “religions”, all colors, all everything. All saved by the SAME grace. The blood of Christ covers all who will receive it. “Judge not that ye be not judged.” We’re supposed to love everyone and let God sort out their heart.

    Hang in there!

    Love ya!!!

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