Our timing is everything.
God’s timing is even more.

As we’re continuing (or attempting) to go through the book of John, we come across the Feast of Tabernacles.
This is kind of a big deal.
Its a week long party.
All you can eat buffets, and wine glasses that never quite empty.
All in celebration of their freedom from bondage.
As far as festivities go, it was a fall event.
It can probably be most likened to our Thanksgiving.

And how many of us don’t over indulge throughout that week?
All the stuffings, casseroles, turkeys and football leave us all feeling a bit tryptophantastic.

And its important that we remember that here.

You see, Jesus was not going to the feast with his brothers, despite their insistence.
They wanted him to go, not so much for tradition, but so he could be made known.
So that he could perform miracles.
Again, not so much for the good of those he healed, but for the recognition he would surely receive.
They wanted to be associated with a celebrity.

But Jesus tarried.

Sure, he left and went to the feast.
But he didn’t let anyone know he was there.
He was standing in the corners, lurking in the shadows…
It wasn’t his time.

And when he finally does show up, he doesn’t join in the virtual orgy of gluttony.
No, he begins to teach from the scriptures.
And everyone was amazed at his teachings because he had not been taught.
Also, maybe because they were a little drunk.
Some of you know how easy it is to impress someone when they’re sloshed.
But ultimately, it was because they’d never heard the things he taught.
He gained his knowledge directly from God, who had sent him.

And people are offended by the things he said.
Seems to be a common theme these days too…
Its called conviction.
If you’re offended by the truth, praise God!
That’s the first step to realizing your sins and your mistakes.

So Jesus kinda lays low for the next couple days.

And at the end of the festival, he makes the statement of the week.
“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.”

These people have been drinking for a week.
How could they possibly thirst?

Basically, its like this…
You get something you’ve wanted for a while, only to realize that you really want something else.

These people had been gorging themselves silly for a week.
What Jesus is pointing out is that after we have our fill on our own, and we realize that we still need something more…
Realize that there is still a void left unfulfilled by wine, bread, popularity, grades, or whatever else.

At that point, only after this realization can He can give us fulfillment.

There may be another blog later this week concerning how the class tonight actually went.
And what God’s timing has shown me.
My weaknesses, my struggles, my desires.
And more detail on how ironic the lesson this week would be about timing.
When mine was so totally off, His is always dead on.

But for tonight, this is it.

Peace and love.


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