Since I was a young lad…okay, since I was born…I’ve been told that I look just like my dad.
And its incredibly true.
Our senior portraits, 34 years in difference, are distinguishable mostly because of era differences.
He had the high and tight, and I had the short and spiked.
He was wearing a long, straight tie, and I was wearing a bowtie.
He was looking off to the right, and I to the left.
His portrait was in classic black and white, mine in vibrant technicolor.
But other than that, they are the same.

A couple weekends ago at a family reunion, I was told that I talk like my dad.
That was a first, but I have noticed other likenesses to the patresfamilias of the Gilbert clan.
I walk just like my dad, and I hold my hands up like my grandfather.
And my audio/visual inclinations come from my great-grandfather.
Beyond him, I don’t really know of anything.
But I do know that it is important to realize where we come from.

Jesus knew his background.
He knew his father.

But the Pharisees didn’t see things that way.
They didn’t really believe Jesus to be God’s son.
Maybe they didn’t see the resemblance.
That same glint in their eyes.
That same passion to help those around them.
That tremendous love for even those that persecuted.

Maybe they couldn’t see it because they didn’t know the Father.

Of course, they knew who the Father was.
They “worshipped” him too, and immersed themselves in scriptures.
But they didn’t really know him.
They weren’t really seeking after his heart.

Who do you see Jesus as?
What is he to you?

Given his outlandish claims to be God’s son.
And his passionate way of life, never half way doing anything.
His bold statements to the religious/political leaders of the day.

C.S. Lewis writes that we really only have three options concerning Christ.
He is either:
1. a lunatic
2. a liar
3. the Lord

But lets take this a step further.
Lets get a little more personal with this.

As a christian, I am a child of God.
I should be striving to be more like my heavenly father.
And it should be evident to those around me that I am his son.
As it should be with all Christians.

But is it?

What likeness do you bear?
That of the world?
Or that of the Christ?

We didn’t choose to look/walk/talk like our fathers.
That is something that we spend a lifetime trying to deal with.

At the same rate, we didn’t choose God.
He chose us to bear his image.
He created us uniquely for that purpose.

**side note**
It is very important to remember that God did not make people like he made animals, by speaking them into existance.
No, he molded us with his very own hands.
And breathed life into us.
Not so with any other creatures in the animal kingdom.
We are special.
We are unique.
And its about time we start realizing that.
**end note**

Where was I?
Oh, thats right…

We didn’t choose God.
He chose us.
Though he doesn’t need us.
He wanted us.
He wants us.

That too is something we should spend our lives trying to deal with.

Peace and love.


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