No new lesson tonight.
We just went over the last few weeks.

And to be honest, it was more for my benefit than theirs.
I wanted to know if they’ve really been paying attention.

And I was very pleasantly surprised.
But I shouldn’t have been.
They’re a bright group.
And I’m tremendously blessed to have them.

Since I have no real new information (as though i ever do), I’ve decided to take a stroll down memory lane tonight.
And take a look at a few of my fondest memories of the past few years.
Though details will not be divulged at this instant, you are more than welcome to ask for clarification later.

But for those of you who were there for these moments, I hope they mean as much to you.

Worship in less than usual places.
The atrium of a seminary motel.
Or a Best Western.

Take your pick.
“The boob is better.”
“I was bathing with your mother.”
“God knocked Mary up.”

Lighting the stogies.
I hate Rocky Top!
Alabama, listen mother.
Blustery winter nights.

Class reunions.
And a phone conversation that made everything feel better.
Incredibly blessed to have fallen back into a friendship that was never as strong as it is now.
And yes, I still flinch if I think you’re behind me.

Radio popularity.
My personal 15 minutes of fame.
Hands free carwash on a Vulcan nice day.
A brotherly bond forged with rum, beer, and indie music.

Not enough shingles.
Too many shingles.
You can be a World Changer.

‘Nuff said.

Punk rock.
Cafe du Monde.
Comedy Club.

And now for a hodpodge of memorial goodness:
Care the scrap out of me.
SDF. (not a proud one, but i would be remiss without the nod)
McBride stories.
Lottie Moon.
Chocolate gravy.
Buffalo Wild Wings.
Talk of Tuesdays.
Friday Knights under the lights.
That one night at Hooligans.
Graduation stalkers.
“We’re here for Kyle.”
11 hour dates.
And last but certainly not least…
Movie nights.

I’m certain there are many more that.
To try to name them all would be absurdly difficult.

So my challenge of this week.
Relive some grand memories.
And throw in a couple crappy ones.
You know, just for good measure.

I think you’ll find the good ones easier to remember.
And certainly easier to allow others to view.

Until next week…


2 thoughts on “Revisited.

  1. We now pause 5 seconds for station identification – This is the Alabama Crimson Tide Sports Network.


    “Let’s goto the guys at BMHS game and see what is going on there”

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