The following was in response to a blog I came across on MySpace.
The author is an atheist living near (she says in) the Bible Belt in South Carolina.
Her challenge was for someone to prove to her that God exists.
I usually don’t respond to the blogs of strangers, but some things I read from “Christians” on there already made me sick to my stomach.
So I responded with the following.
And its something for the church to consider seriously.
Because it is probably more true than any of us would rather admit.

I’m imperfect, flawed as a human, and as a minister.

Can I prove God exists?

Can anyone prove God exists?
Probably not.

But the fact that you are seeking something real, something tangible, tells me that you are looking for truth.
If you earnestly seek, you shall find.

I’m not going to Bible-thump you to death.
That’s not how I’ve been called to minister to anyone, at any time.
Nor am I going to condemn you, or insist you start going to church immediately.
Because that’s not really the point, either.

As a christian, I want to apologize to you.
I know in most (if not all) churches, you find people ready and eager to judge.
But that is not what Christ came to do, or teach us to do.
He came to heal, to comfort, and to redeem.
I want to apologize for the act the church as a whole has been putting on for years.
An act of self-righteousness.
An act of self service.
And an act of selfishness.

Because we have been unfaithful to seek His face, and live as He taught us to live.
Because of our mistakes and unfaithfulness, you, and others like yourself cannot take us seriously.

And who can blame you?
Sometimes I can’t take us seriously.

Lame t-shirts.
Cheesy billboards.
Men shouting condemnations through bullhorns at crowded intersections.

No wonder you have a hard time believing God exists.
Because we’ve done such a screwy job of portraying Him.

And for that, I am truly sorry.


2 thoughts on “Apology.

  1. Amen! i wish we could apologize to every non-believer that way. thanks for leading us in the right direction Kyle!

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