So what makes a good party?
Music? Snacks? Company?

Imagine this scene if you will.
You are throwing a huge party.
Maybe it is to celebrate a major life event.
Maybe it is impress those that can help elevate you to greater social status.
Then all of a sudden, things go awry.
You realize that your planning is inadequate.
You run out of wine.

Little do you know that an up and coming messiah is sitting quietly in the corner.
Most likely relaxing, enjoying the company of His friends.
Maybe tossing down some chex mix and cheap store bought cupcakes.
I dunno.

But this is where we find Jesus.
Keep in mind that at this time, He has only called His first disciples to follow Him as their rabbi.
He has not yet fully revealed Himself as the messiah.
As far as we know, no one has seen Him perform any miracles.
John actually explicitly states that this was the first miracle that Christ performed.
But we’re jumping ahead of ourselves.
Lets back up.

So Jesus’ mother approaches Him, because she, more than anyone, knows how special He is.
And she asks that He do something, anything, to help out, to replace the wine, right?
She asks Him for nothing.
She only tells Him that there is no more wine.

Despite His apparent frustration with the statement, He takes it upon Himself to do something about it.

He has the servants bring over the foot-washing tubs, fill them with water, pour said water into a glass, and take it to the master of the banquet.
Did you catch that?
Foot-washing tubs.
He convinces the servants, who work for someone else, to take foot-water wine to their master.
Can you imagine what these guys must have been thinking?
They have no idea that it isn’t foot-water they’re serving him.

But when the master tastes the wine, he is shocked.
He is amazed by the fullness of its body, and the sweetness of its flavor.

Oh, the title of this blog may need explaining.
Oinos is the word used in the scriptures here for “wine.”
It doesn’t really imply fermentation.
That is unless, of course, you count the footjuice funk.
But I digress.

What can we learn from this?
1. Jesus know how to liven up a party.
2. Jesus can give us what we need when we need it.
3. Jesus can take us at our worst, and make us be our best.

While we’re content drinking whatever bath water we can get hold of, Jesus wants us to quench our thirst with a new wine.
A better drink.

He takes the water that was good, and makes it into something better than man could ever produce.
Doesn’t he do that with us often times?

He finds us content with what we are suffering through.
Our lonely days when we question if anyone cares.
Our bills that pile up quicker than our deposits.
Our parties that are running short on wine.
He finds us in these situations, and though we don’t always ask Him for help, He supplies our needs anyway.

So, here is to a tainted past washed away.
And more importantly, to a sweeter drink to rid that bitter, sinful taste.



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