This week thus far has been a roller coaster.

Sunday was my first official day as youth minister at Macedonia.
Being a 5th Sunday, it fell on me to bring the morning message.
And so thats what I did.
I thought the service went well.
A little bit of humor, a little bit of real life experience, and a whole lot of comfort from the Creator.
We all tend to lose perspective and worry.
But even as God takes care of the birds, moreso does He minister to our needs.
I think sometimes in our busy lives, we lose sight of that.
We try to take control and end up wreaking havoc in our lives.
So why worry?
Hakuna Matata, brothers and sisters.
Hakuna Matata.

Monday life was really brought into perspective.
I went to a funeral.
I hate funerals.
A cousin of mine passed away rather unexpectedly.
He was only 29 years old.
Granted, we weren’t that close, and I hadn’t seen him in years.
But I think we can all take something away from experiences.
Even if it is nothing more than to live each day to the fullest.
To tell those you love how you feel.
To spend more time with your family.
To make more memories with your friends that will live on long after we pass.
To come to the sobering realization that there is no guarantee for tomorrow.
Right now is all we get.
Use it.
And use it wisely.

And tonight was my first Wednesday to be official at Macedonia.
And believe you me, this is going to be a struggle for me.
The youth are great.
They actually respond to the lesson.
But it is going to take a few weeks to figure out exactly what my place is.
Actually to figure out exactly how to go about reaching the youth.
How to make this something lasting to them.
Not just a lesson they feel they have to trudge through on Wednesday nights.

We started a study on the book of John.
Looking ahead into the book, its going to be a great study.
Tonight we started at the most appropriate place.
The beginning.
You know, when the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
And we talked about John the Baptist as being the forerunner, the signpost, sent to point toward the Savior.
We talked about what it means to be second place, irrelevant.
We talked about how that upsets us to be out of the spotlight, but that John found joy in it.
We talked about how we’re not better than anyone, but we all have people we feel better than.
In the end though, its not really about that.
We’re not better.
We’re not the center of the story.
We’re not called to stand around, but to go out.
And sadly, we discovered that we’re not that great at allowing others to shine.
And even worse at allowing God to shine.

Those of you who know me well know how much I enjoy reading/watching Rob Bell.
My favorite quote of his fits well with this message.
I only regret that I forgot to mention it during the study tonight.
So, I will leave you fine readers with it.
You’ve managed to stumble through this much of my rambling, there may as well be something enlightening at the end.

“Why blame the dark for being dark? It’s far more helpful to ask why the light isn’t as bright as it should be.” – Rob Bell


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