Its an amazing substance.
No matter how much you gorge yourself on other foods,
There is always room for Jello.

Its like the Jesus of the dessert table.
No matter how much you immerse yourself in things of the world,
There is always room for Jesus.

And like Jello, His presence within you tends to have that soothing after-dinner effect.

Conversely, there are things that there just isn’t room for.
Doubt. Fear. Regret. Anxiety.

Yet these are the things we fill ourselves with.
And we are filled to the point that we become physically sick as a result of our spiritual weakness.

This has really been on my mind for the last couple of months.
The what-ifs of my life.
The decisions I’ve made.
The relationships I’ve abandoned.
The sin I’ve wallowed in.
The realization that I’ve failed in many ways.
These are the thought my meals have consisted of.

And then Jesus comes to me as a gelatinous comforter.
Cooling and calming my head and my heart.
Reassuring me that everything I have been in such disarray over has passed.
That everyone, at some point, has encountered these difficulties.

So I sit here renewed.
And at peace.
With a bowl full of Jello.


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