Living in rural north Alabama, you see some interesting things.
Things you would never see in an Atlanta or New York City.

The other day on my way to work, I saw one such thing.
Now, something you need to understand is that I drive by the lake every day.
So it is not uncommon to see trucks hauling boats or jet skis.

The other day I saw someone transporting a boat that really caught my eye.
It wasn’t a fancy boat.
It wasn’t even big.
Just a little plain boat tied upside down to the top of an old Toyota Camry.
Like, with rope.
To the top of a car.

Now, I’ve seen things like that before.
And anyone from around here likely has also.
That’s not really what caught me off guard.
What made me give a double-take was the driver.
He had the window down, holding onto the boat.


Like if something had come loose, it was okay.
He had it.
But in reality, if the boat had come untied, he would simply lose it.

How many times is our faith like that?
That everything is okay as long as we’ve got a hold on it.
When really, our efforts aren’t providing that much stability.
The strength lies in the ropes.

And if we fail to see that, and rely on our own strength, when the winds of test begins to blow, not only do we lose our boats, but we get hurt.
Everything gets pulled and twisted all out of sorts.

That is why we must have strong ropes anchoring our boats.

Its rather freeing when you think about it.
To acknowledge that you’re not as in control as you thought.


One thought on “Strength.

  1. Wow Kyle,

    I was just strolling through your posts a bit and found this one! Nice stuff … this is a great analogy!

    Anyway, I was reading “Cold” and my heart lies closely to yours brother. I’m going through the same thing here in PA, with many of the same thoughts.

    I’ll step on some toes with you. I’m so sick of this status quo that would make Christ “spit” us out of his mouth. No “comfortable” Christianity.

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