Whats missing?


Let me start by saying I love the church.
I really do.
But things have gotten out of hand.
The same things aren’t working.

Church signs are the world’s worst:
“What vitamins do Christians need? 2 B 1 Daily.”
“Sign broken. Message inside.”
“Be an organ donor. Give your heart to Jesus”
“Hungry? Try one of our Sundays.”
“Give Satan an inch and you’ll make him Ruler.”

Or my favorite, and one I actually tend to agree with:
“God wants Spiritual Fruit, not Religious Nuts.”

With that much cheese, I’m surprised the church doesn’t suffer from constipation.
Yeah, I said it.

I’m so glad my church doesn’t have a sign.
It’d probably be something like that too.
And we’d have a sign committee.

My church is trying to start a new outreach program though.
Surprisingly enough, I really like the premise.
Its almost like an adopt-a-family kind of thing.
Its nice to see a church do something that actually has some substance to it.
Where you actually spend time getting to know the people.
Imagine a baptist church that doesn’t evangelize by beating someone with the cross.
Building relationships in order to minister?
Why, who would have thought of such a thing?
Oh yeah. Jesus.
After all, it is people we’re trying to reach, isn’t it?
Not goals.

Speaking of my church, I’ve found it hard to go there lately.
No scandals, controversies, or disagreements or anything.
Its just hard because I’m not the same person I was 3 years ago when I last attended regularly.
And I’ve told the church that I’ve changed.
And they can see that I’ve grown.
But I still feel like a little kid when I’m there.
Like I can’t really serve without having someone look over my shoulder.

But that’s another story entirely.


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