I went to a revival a week ago.
At a United Methodist Church.

Great service.
Great message.

The evangelist was actually one of my old college roommates.

During the service, there was an old-fashioned altar prayer.
For anyone having troubles or questions to come pray.
I needed it, so I went.
Only, I couldn’t pray.
I couldn’t even concentrate.

Have you ever been to a service where everyone prayed?
Really prayed?
Out loud?
At the same time?

In a sea of believers, I felt lost.
I found myself at a loss of words.
Not being able to remember my needs.
But only able to question.

Why was everyone shouting?

Was it so that God could hear them?
Was it so that they could hear themselves?
Was it because their prayers were more important than others?

I don’t know.
And I don’t mean to offend.

But to me, it was white noise.

So rather than pray to God on my own, I simply uttered silent “amens” to the prayers being said around me.

Is that considered stealing?

Really, I could use some explanation here.

And on a side note, I think I loathe Christian tshirts that look like something else.
i.e. “It was You-Who He died for” that looks like a Yoo-Hoo label.
Also people that change lyrics of songs to “Christianize” them.
I know your intentions are good.
But don’t you think God is worthy of something fresh?
Maybe that’s just me.


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