Beauty is real.
But its reality is deeper than our perception.

What we often portray as “beautiful” is fake.
Its manufactured, bought.

True beauty cannot be made, only created.

Sure, we can catch glimpses of it.
But we can’t look upon it long.
It is too strong for our feeble minds.
In many ways, it is like God.
You know it is real.
Not because you can see it.
But because you can feel it surround you.

The weather is beautiful today.
Not because of the temperature, or the sunshine, or the breeze.
But because of the feeling you get when it engulfs you.
The comfort it brings.
Man cannot make that, or anything like it.
God had to create it.
He created it for us to enjoy.

That has always been His desire, hasn’t it?
To bless us.
To create ways to comfort us physically, and spiritually even when we can’t see Him.
He wraps his breezy arms around us.
He smiles that bright, sunny smile.
And the chirping birds are His voice declaring his love for us.

His beautiful love.


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